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Eczema is easy to be induced in rainy season

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The surrounding environment is essential for the prevention of eczema in infants. The dampproof here mainly includes two aspects: keeping the indoor air dry and keeping the baby dry. In rainy days, the doors and windows should be closed. In sunny days, the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. Families with conditions can use dehumidifiers indoors to keep the air clean and dry.

Baby talcum powder is indispensable to keep baby's body dry. Products with corn starch as raw material have gradually replaced baby talcum powder with talcum powder as raw material and become the choice of many mothers. After taking a bath for your baby, you must use talcum powder to absorb the extra water on the surface of your baby's skin. This is a very important step to prevent eczema in spring.

Prevention of eczema with skincare

Good use of baby skin care products can achieve twice the result with half the effort in baby's daily care. Usually, apply a layer of baby skin care products on baby's body, which can form a layer of invisible protective film on baby's skin to avoid direct contact between baby's skin and air. In addition, it can help slow down the friction between baby's skin and clothes.

In the bacterial growth season, the best choice for baby care is antibacterial and soothing baby care products, such as marigold, chamomile, Macadamia seed oil baby care products. These baby skin care products help to resist bacteria and soothe, enhance the immunity of baby's skin, and effectively prevent infant eczema.

Cleaning baby's body helps prevent Eczema

The stimulation of sweat is also a major cause of infantile eczema. In spring, the temperature has increased, and the baby is prone to perspire when wearing more clothes. Therefore, bathing the baby every day is a necessary lesson to prevent eczema. Especially when going out and coming back, it is better to bathe the baby. If there is no condition, the baby's close fitting clothes should also be replaced.

The baby's skin is delicate and fragile, and it is easy to hurt the skin with adult shower gel, so it is better to use professional baby shampoo and bath gel when washing the baby's hair and bathing.

Infantile eczema is a kind of skin rash closely related to dampness, coldness and sultry. Spring back to the south is hot and humid, the weather changes quickly, baby is easy to be stimulated by cold and heat, all kinds of factors together can easily induce infant eczema. How to deal with baby eczema? In spring, we need to use some baby skin care products to do comprehensive care for baby and prevent baby eczema. In addition, it's more appropriate to choose a small amount of baby skin care products for babies in spring, because natural baby skin care products are prone to moisture, leading to some ingredients failure or deterioration.

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