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Is fat baby a healthy baby?

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Obesity is a problem that we should pay attention to from infancy.

Compared with most babies, fat babies are more likely to have health problems.

1. When a fat baby grows up, it is unlikely to lose weight

According to research statistics, obese babies in infancy are more likely to have obesity problems in childhood and adolescence. Only about 25% of fat babies grow up to lose weight, while 75% grow up to be overweight.

2. Obesity will lay a risk for children's health in their whole life

According to the official data of the World Health Organization, the number of deaths related to obesity and overweight in the world is larger than that caused by underweight. Childhood obesity increases the risk of obesity, disability and early death in adulthood.

In addition, obese children are more likely to have dyspnea, increased risk of fracture, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other problems, in addition to their insulin tolerance and mental health will also be affected.

3. Children are too fat and prone to precocious puberty

Obese children are more likely to have precocious puberty, the study found. And precocious child, the earlier the body matures, the earlier the height growth will stop. Therefore, some scholars will put forward the view that "one year ahead of development, height will be reduced by 5 cm".

In addition, precocious puberty will allow children to appear second sexual signs in advance. Experts say that "adult's body, child's brain" will bring a series of problems. Children with precocious puberty may have inferiority, fear and uneasiness because they are different from their peers in appearance, and even lead to eating disorders and depression.

Knowing the many disadvantages of "obesity", will mothers still insist that "baby is fatter and better"?

Don't have this obsession any more. A healthy baby must not be fat.

Hope the baby can develop healthily? Then we should do the following

1. Don't compare your baby's height and weight with other children

Baby's growth and development can only be compared with oneself, not with others. Because parents' height and weight have a great impact on their children, if you and your husband are not in the "big man" category, then don't ask too much of your children.

As long as the baby's healthy growth, according to their own pace of growth and development, it does not need to worry too much. Lack of scientific comparison, in addition to bringing us more anxiety about parenting, has no other effect.

2. Don't chase the child to feed, and avoid Overfeeding

A healthy way of feeding should be based on respect for the actual needs of the baby and maintain a certain degree of flexibility.

If the baby has many snacks such as snacks and fruits besides the dinner, then we can't stare at the milk bottle or auxiliary bowl rigidly and ask the baby to finish all the food.

It's very easy to develop a "healthy baby" into a "fat baby" by following the baby to feed and overfeeding.

3. Watch out for foods with high sugar, fat and oil

High sugar, high fat and heavy oil foods are best not to appear in children's recipes. Such foods will directly and roughly induce children's obesity, and even induce children's diabetes, children's kidney stones and other diseases.

4. Reduce the time of watching TV and more outdoor activities

Children's lifestyle is greatly influenced by their parents. If parents like to stay at home and watch TV and eat snacks at the same time, they don't need to guess. Such parents will raise a child with the same hobbies. In the long run, the lifestyle of "no exercise + snacks" will also make children grow fat.

Therefore, we should properly control the time when children watch TV, let alone let them eat while watching. Also want to take children out of the outdoors more, more sports!

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