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Canadian paediatrician: seize 8 moments, baby is smarter

Date:2019-11-27    Clicks:280

If you want to give your baby a good start, you need to stimulate the development of brain function in the early stage. Alison Sean, a pediatrician at Ottawa children's Hospital in Canada, suggests using eight moments of daily life to make babies smarter.

When feeding

When breastfeeding, the baby will focus on the mother's face. This is a good time for the mother and baby to communicate with each other in facial expressions. It is helpful for the mother to respond to and repeat the cooing sound in the baby's mouth to acquire language skills. If feeding with a bottle, let the baby snuggle at the same height as the mother's chest to ensure that the child's eyes can be fixed on the mother's face.

When singing

Singing may seem simple, but it can improve the learning ability of infants. "Parents use a lot of tones when they sing, which attracts the baby's interest," Sean said. The new words and repetition patterns contained in songs are very important for the development of language ability. Singing can also teach the baby rhythm, which is beneficial to the improvement of reading ability in the future. "

When changing diapers

While changing the diaper for the baby, patting the bottom, touching the feet, praising the baby's cleverness and loveliness, telling him what you are doing, this is a good opportunity for mother baby communication.

When bathing

Bathing a child is a good opportunity to master scientific knowledge. Babies like to pour water from one container into another. When playing in the water, they can observe the effect of gravity and realize the volume of water, which is the basis of physics.

When shopping

When the baby is walking in the supermarket in the trolley, let him touch the goods on the shelf to describe the characteristics of the goods, and let him know the shape, quantity, color, hand feeling of the goods.

When walking

Parents can point their fingers to the sky, trees and birds, and describe the different terrain they walk through in words, such as "this sidewalk is too bumpy". If the stroller can be adjusted to the position where the child is facing the parents, the child may babble with the parents.

in food

At the table, babies have access to a variety of tableware (spoons, forks, dishes) and a wide range of food, which helps them form an impression of objects. In the process of eating, the baby holds the food with his fingers, which can exercise fine motor skills. Parents can also teach babies new concepts, such as the texture of different foods, and describe the differences between hot and cold.

Before going to bed

Telling stories to children before bedtime can stimulate brain development. While humming a lullaby or telling a story, while holding the child to sleep, this safe connection will make him fall asleep faster, the brain get better rest, and explore the new world more energetically the next day.

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