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Don't do these five things to your baby in summer. 90% of mothers are the first to win!

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Summer is coming. For mothers, not only is the temperature rising, but also there are many problems about taking baby.

On a hot day, the baby sweats a lot. It's easy to get prickly heat on his body. If he's not careful, he'll turn red and cry more What should I do?

Presumably, many novice mothers have questions flashing in their heads about how to bring a baby in summer.

Today, let's talk about the mistakes of taking baby easily in summer!

Myth 1: baby with prickly heat and some talcum powder

Summer is the peak season for babies to get prickly heat. However, when babies get prickly heat, it's better not to smear.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other authoritative organizations do not advocate the use of talcum powder for infants.

Frequent use of talcum powder may cause such health risks:

1. The baby sweats a lot, and the powder will form a block or granule, which may block the pores and affect the baby's sweat discharge;

2. The powder may also be inhaled into the baby's lungs, damaging the baby's respiratory health; [1]

3. Starch talcum powder (corn flour, pine pollen) will become a hotbed of bacteria when it is wet, increasing the risk of infection.

But the prickly heat son grows in the body of the child, worries in the heart of the mother, can't always watch to work anxiously, what should be done in the end?

If you want to cure prickly heat fundamentally, remember these six words: cool down, clean and dry.

Baby's clothes should be as loose and airy as possible, how cool and how good, usually pay attention to the cleanness and dryness of baby's skin, then you can treat and prevent prickly heat.

Myth 2: give baby extra water

No matter the opinion of pediatricians at home and abroad or who, it is not recommended to give water to babies within 6 months.

The stomach capacity of the baby within 6 months is very small, and the water in the breast milk can meet the needs of the body, so there is no need to drink extra water. Drinking more water will affect the normal breast-feeding.

As long as the formula is brewed in the right proportion, it can also meet the baby's water demand without extra water.

If the baby has fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other conditions, you can consult the doctor whether to add water.

For babies older than 6 months, appropriate water can be fed. If the baby refuses, do not force the baby to drink.

It's hot, worried about the baby's lack of water? Just give more milk.

Myth 3: go out without sun protection

Some mothers have doubts: "isn't it good for the baby to bask in the sun? Calcium supplements. "

The baby's skin is much more fragile than that of adults. If you go out in summer without sun protection, it is likely that your baby will get sunburn.

Studies have shown that repeated unprotected sun exposure for a long time will also increase the risk of skin cancer in the future.

When taking the baby out, mothers can choose the baby's sunscreen equipment according to the actual situation: sunscreen hat, children's sunglasses, special sunscreen for the baby, sunscreen clothing, sunshade umbrella Don't be lazy.

We also need to give mothers a wake-up call. It is recommended to use non irritating, low sensitization sunscreen.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two sunscreen ingredients, are better choices, with less irritation and less allergy.

For the selection of sunscreen rating, here are also a few references for mothers:

1. For children's daily sun protection, it is enough to choose SPF 15 and PA + + sun protection products;

2. If you go out for shopping, outdoor sports and field play, you can choose SPF 30 and PA + + + sunscreen products;

3. When swimming, it is better to choose SPF 50, PA + + + + sunscreen products with waterproof function.

Sunscreen is not recommended for infants up to 6 months old. In addition, it is not recommended to use the sun spray, because there is a risk of aspiration.

Myth 4: baby can't blow fan and air conditioner, can't bare feet

There is a kind of cold, called "you think baby is cold". In summer, don't let baby blow air conditioner, electric fan, wear socks All these measures are unnecessary!

The air conditioner and electric fan can be turned on, as long as they don't blow directly at the baby and the indoor temperature is no less than 22 ℃, it's important to let the baby sleep comfortably.

There is no need to wear socks in summer. The weather is hot and sultry. The baby's feet are sweaty. If they are covered by socks, they will be more sticky and wet, making the baby feel very uncomfortable.

The point is that barefoot walking can help babies learn to walk better, stimulate the development of peripheral nerves, and make their bodies more flexible and agile.

Myth 5: baby will be red PP in diapers

Many mothers worry that the baby will be sultry and red ass when wearing diapers, but the culprit of the red ass is not diapers, but urine and stool contacting the baby's tender skin for a long time.

Changing diapers in time is the key to preventing red buttocks.

The frequency of urination of each baby is very different, so it is suggested that the parents adjust the frequency of changing diapers according to the characteristics of each child. Generally, after 4 hours, the diapers can be changed after the baby urinates for 1-2 times. After defecation, the diapers should be changed immediately to clean the small butts.

But in the summer, mothers still feel flustered,At this time, it is very important to choose a diaper with strong absorption, light weight and air permeability

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